Color Choice For Card Making

Smart Color Choice For Card Making

Colors are an essential element in designing and expressing emotions, creativity, and ideas. Whether it's a birthday card, a wedding one, or a business card, having the right color scheme is an integral part of card making as it portrays what the person means.

Where bright colors radiate happiness and a positive mood, dark colors do the opposite. Also, warm colors often show cheerfulness and imagination, and cool colors give soothing and peaceful vibes.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards are not expressed well by only one specific color choice. The color choice depends on a lot of things, especially keeping in mind the atmosphere and the industry you work in.

A black business card is a powerful yet elegant choice for meetings and businesses that offer luxurious and exclusive products and services. A well-designed card shows authority and elegance and can help build new connections.

Pink is also a good choice for business cards, especially if you have female coworkers. Using light and soft shades of pink, you can express a gesture of friendship and coordination. It shows that you're a compassionate and supportive person to work with.

Another choice is using silver in your card. Silver is an elegant and sophisticated color that gives off a sense of lavishness and high end. It is most commonly used in modern businesses.

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are often DIY crafts by young artists of the time. Since this is an exciting and bright time of the year, using vibrant and dashing colors best fits the occasion.

Colors such as yellow, blue, pink, purple, and orange tend to project happiness and cheerfulness. Using DIY tools and accessories, one can easily make a fun and amusing birthday card.


Wedding Card

There are a dozen combinations available when it comes to wedding cards. Depending on the environment and the atmosphere of the wedding, one can definitely choose the right colors for their card.

If the wedding is a daytime garden party themed, then a combination of soft pastel colors will definitely make your card stand out. The best colors to use are blue, pink, green, purple, yellow, and even white. A combination of soft peach and light orange, blue, or green creates the dream-like quality of a garden and friendly gatherings.

If you are going for a stronger yet classy look, then the combo of silver and gold is what you need. It is a classic combination of traditional weddings. Adding delicate white pearls creates a stark contrast to the other designs and details of the card.

Tea Party Invitation Card

Tea Party Invitation Card

Invitation cards for tea parties are another choice for the youngsters to bring in their art supplies and do some craft projects. Mostly decent but happy colors are used for this type of card, but it mostly depends on the setting.

If it is an outdoor party, then a combo of wild but bright colors would be perfect. Sweet bubblegum and pastel colors work well with each other, keeping in mind the calligraphy and other fine points of the card.

Otherwise, for an indoor party, you can give a modern yet vintage look to your card. The rustic-themed colors represent a combination of contemporary and classic tones without making it seem old fashioned. By using steely grey and earthy browns with hints of warm pinks and hues of light peaches, you get a perfect card for the celebration.

Another idea is for the exclusive and elegant look. Using shades of deep red, light pinks, soft peach, and teal or emerald, you can make a fine classy and wild look for your card. This combination makes good use of deep red as the main color paired with the similar tones of lighter shades and enhancing the overall look with the use of deep green.

Get Well Soon Cards

Get Well Soon Cards

This is another time where kids' crafts and DIY card making come into action. A get well soon card should radiate positivity, so any bright and pleasant color with cute little doodles and art will work.

A blank white canvas with DIY décor and happy colors such as yellow, purple, pink, blue, orange, and bright red and green makes a perfect get well soon card.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards have a distinct palette of green, red, and gold with images of reindeers, trees, snow, gifts, and Santa Claus. It is an occasion of happiness and joy, so the card should radiate joyous and merry feelings.

A warm and rustic card with shades of earthy grounds and snowy flakes with a jolly Santa Claus is a perfect idea. Or a brown and grey color palette with silvery bits of snowflakes conveys the spirit of the holiday season. You can even personalize the card by embossing the person's name in gold or silver on the snowflakes. 

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