How To Make Paper Flowers And Where To Use Them?

Almost everyone can be seen using artificial flowers nowadays, from designers and decorators to bloggers and influencers. Artificial flowers have become very popular these days and are in huge demand. These are a much better option than fresh flowers in loads of ways. They obviously last a lot longer than fresh blossoms, since they don’t wilt over time or in adverse weather conditions, or lose their color, life, and freshness. Faux flowers are also considerably much lower in cost than fresh ones.

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

One effortless way to keep up with the trend of artificial flowers is to make your own paper flowers at home! This idea is much better than spending money on buying artificial flowers. You can achieve basically the same fresh blossom look by making your own, and that too using simple available material in the comfort of your home.

These are incredibly cost-effective since you only need paper and your own fingers. You can use regular colored paper, crepe paper, or tissue paper. You can even use typical household stuff like coffee paper or maybe paper plates for this paper flower craft. Paper flowers are ideal for substituting fresh flowers in any floral arrangement and decorations you want.

You can make any type of flower you desire, in the size, shape, color, and shade of your choice. Here we have a very simple tutorial for you to get you started on making your DIY paper flowers:

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

1. Make A Square Paper Ready

Start with a square-shaped piece of paper. You can use some square origami paper, or cut some squares from a rectangular piece of paper yourself.

2. Fold It Diagonally In Half

Fold your square piece of paper in half diagonally, so that you end up making a triangle.

3. Fold In Half

Fold the triangle you got from your previous step into half again, so that you get a smaller triangle.

4. Fold In Half Again

Fold the small triangle in half along its middle, so you get an even smaller triangle.

5. Rotate And Fold

Rotate the triangle in such a way that its longest side lies vertically in front of you, and the solid corner (the corner corresponding to the paper’s center) is at the bottom. Bring the short bottom side towards the long vertical side of the triangle and fold.

6. Cut Above The Straight Edge

Cute above the straight edge that lies horizontally and is facing you.

7. Draw An Arc And Cut

Draw an arc that starts from the top corner of the vertical side of the triangle, and ends about half an inch from the bottom of the opposite side. This arc will define the shape of the flower petals. Cut along the arc.

8. Unfold The Paper

Carefully unfold the paper. You will end up with a paper flower with eight petals. Cut a circle from a craft material of your choice and glue it to the center of your faux paper. 

Get creative

You can create a range of different flowers with the easy steps given above. Try experimenting with different types of papers that have varying colors, textures, and patterns. By changing the size and shape of the arc in step 7, you can end up creating various shapes of petals.

You can glue multiple flowers together to create blossoms that have lots of petals. The arc described is basically a half-petal. Cutting the tip of the arc into half will result in different petal shapes. Varying the shape of the petal on top will also result in bigger petals.

Get creative and add layers

Add Layers

Making flowers with petals in varying sizes and layering them over each other will make denser flowers like daisy and sunflower. Varying the hues slightly in different layers can make beautiful layered flowers. 

Experiment With Leaves

Decorate Room With Paper Flowers


Adding layers of complementing leaves to the flowers is a great idea to complete the look. That will make the flowers look more real and lively. Experiment with different sizes and shapes and glue them under the flowers. You can twist paper to make long stems to carry a bunch of flowers along with leaves scattered here and there.  

Be Innovative

The flowers don’t necessarily belong in a vase; they can be used in various art and craft projects. Paper flowers can be used to make adorable cards for special occasions. They can be used to decorate scrapbooks and create beautiful memories. A flower basket is another good idea to utilize these paper flowers.  

Decorate A Space

Paper flowers can also be used to make lei or garlands or even headbands for festivities. Walls, nooks, and corners can be decorated with these flowers for a festive and fresh look. Wrap them around the pillars and poles for a stunning look without spending a fortune. 

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