How To Use Seashells For Jewelry Making?

Making a necklace by using seashell is pretty common in simple DIY and kids' crafts. If you have a slightly bigger piece of shell, then you can drill holes in it, but smaller shells tend to break if you try the same with them. There are various ways to design your seashells for jewelry making

Craftsmen have made use of seashell in home décor items for long. Little did we know that seashells are a fine piece of adornment in jewelry making as well. Being available in various shapes, designs, and colors, they can easily match with any summer outfit.

You can easily turn any piece of seashell from an all-natural to a glossy or elegant piece of jewelry. From beach necklaces to bright dangling earrings, seashells play the part perfectly well.


Decorate The Shells

First off, you can paint your shell in some color, for example, golden or silver, to match it with the chain. You can add some glitter to it or even some stripes. You can simply add one shell or many of them according to your own choice.

Decorate The Shells

If you want to go for a chunky or punk rock look, then add some metallic charms in the necklace. Or you can add many shells to each of the links in the chain.

Other than that, you can also go for a bright and happy look by painting your shell in vibrant colors and adding flowers or stars to your chain. You can always choose a plain look to suit yourself.


Enhance The Look With Pearls Or Beads

A really cute and simple way of using seashells in jewelry is by adding just a bead or pearl to the inside of the shell.

First, paint the shell any color you want and then cover it with a layer of transparent and glossy paint. Lastly, add the bead to the inside of the shell, and you are done.


Make Seashell Necklaces
Make Seashell Necklaces


Another really cute idea is the collaged seashell pendant necklace. All you need to do is take bits and pieces of the shells and glue them randomly inside the pendant.

You can also paint it if you prefer, but the natural look is a really simple and elegant accessory to go with your summer dress.

You can also layer the necklaces by using a small chain and a big one together. These necklaces not only look cute, but they also serve as lovely reminders of your time at the beach.

A large layer of the necklace is something you can nail at a party.

Using pastel and soft colors and different sizes of beads, you can keep on adding them to the chain with the help of little hoops. This piece of assorted jewelry can match well with anything you have.


Make Seashell Earrings
Make Seashell Earrings


Next up is making earrings. Using a closed shell is easier than open ones, and it gives a funky look you are going for.

Drill a hole in the top corner of the shell and use the loops from broken key chains or earrings and pass them through the earring fish hooks and you are done.

Another idea for earrings is the beady shell earring. Use shells that are kind of cupped shape and have one side open.

All you need to do is make a hole at the top of the shell. Next, pass a metallic chain with beads in it through the hole.

Leave a bit off the chain outside the shell and attach it to the earring fish hooks. This can be made in various colors, but complementing golden and white with each other is the best choice.

Another idea that can be used for both necklaces and earrings is the ball of shells idea. For this, all you need is a little transparent plastic ball that can be opened. Add your shells painted in light and soft colors with any other piece of accessory or a little starfish.

You can design the ball with glitter, or you can even personalize it by writing your name over it. Lastly, pass a chain through the loop for a necklace. Or earring fish hooks for the earrings.

Make Seashell Bracelets

Make Seashell Bracelets


Next are using shells in bracelet making. DIY tools and accessories can come in handy for this.

This can be done in many ways. You can either use a thread or chain and pass some shells through it with beads in between.

Or you can use loops from a keychain by connecting them with another and then loop the seashells in the jewelry piece by using earring fish hooks.

Again, it's up to you what kind of bracelet you want and what you want to pair it with. Using a shiny silver or golden makes the bracelet stand out and makes it seem like a cute but fancy fashion accessory.

Another idea that works especially well for bracelets is adding the perfect gemstones. Gemstones being naturally beautiful materials give a striking look to the jewelry. Using colors associated with the beach or keeping it coastal themed is necessary as it mixes and matches well with the shells.

Pearls are a delicate and lustrous piece that can go well with soft colors. Other than that, opaque or solid colored gemstones are perfect matches. For example, using turquoise, some shade of black or milky white enhances the colors in the seashell.

A tip for all the accessories is using nail polish. It is an excellent choice for painting seashells as it not only looks glossy but also gives a dazzling and professional look. Plus, there are tons of different shades available from bright yellows to soft pinks and metallic silvers. 


So that's just abut everything you could need t knw abut how to use seashells for jewelry making 


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