Paper Craft Boats - Guide For Beginners

Paper Craft Boats - Guide For Beginners

Making paper boats is an easy and creative craft project for when you are bored. Using the art supplies you have at home, you can create exciting boat themed ideas that can also be used for home décor purposes. These boats can also come in handy when it rains or when you are having a hard time bathing your little one. Children can also play with them in a nearby pond or lake.

How To Make Paper Boats?

How to make paper boats
  • To start, all you need is a sheet of A4 sized paper or origami paper. You can use any color you like according to your own choice.
  • First of all, hold the paper vertically and fold it in half downwards. Fold it in half again along the other direction. Make sure you mark the center accurately.
  • Now hold it from the corners and bring them to the center such that you get a triangle with a rectangle under it. Fold those flaps upwards. Flip your sheet of paper and repeat the same on the other side.
  • Hold the triangle from its center where you have a crease and pull both sides outwards. This flattens it and forms a kite-like shape.
  • Hold it in such a way that the kite shape faces you and fold the front layer towards the upper corner. Flip the origami and do the same with the layer on the backside. This will make a triangle shape.
  • Hold it from the edges and pull the sides out. This will make a square shape again. Make sure to crease it properly.
  • Grab the top corners and carefully and slowly pull them outwards, and voila! You have your paper boat ready.

Decorating Craft Paper Boats

Decorating Craft Paper Boats


Now to design your paper boat, you can add doodles or designs to it. You can even color in various colors and add different stickers or art stuff to it. You can also personalize it by writing your name on it and declaring it as yours.


You can change the whole impression of the boat just by decorating its sails. Colorful sails go well for celebrations and parties. Pale or dull color sails with patches here and there will give the idea of a pirate ship. Draw a little hook on it to make it more fun, or you can draw any other logo of your choice to personalize it.


Using the DIY tools and accessories that you have at home, you can adorn your boat and its surroundings playfully. To give it a beach themed look, sprinkle a layer of sand beside your water source. Also, scatter some little pieces of shells and pearls here and there.


If you want a pirate ship, attach an anchor and wheel to the boat. You can also add a little toy with an eye patch to make the iconic character. Adding a few more figures on board; this will also make it interesting enough.

How To Use DIY Paper Boats?

How To Use DIY Paper Boats

Out of the many paper craft ideas, one is to use paper boats in a DIY paper boat wall hanging. Using different shades of colors to go along with your living space, you can make an adorable wall hanging. It is simple and easy, yet an interesting accessory for your room.


You can also make a party-themed paper boat by adding a colorful sail to it and some little party banners. Decorate it in lovely festive colors to give off party vibes, and you are done. If it is just a pool, then use some DIY crafts and beautify it by adding some shrubs and flowers to the water and the boat.


Another charming idea for kid's crafts is to make a wallpaper for the nursery using the boats. Ask the kids to make boats of various shapes, colors, and designs. Stick them at random on any empty space of the nursery wall. The children can also personalize the boats by writing their names on the ones they made. This will make it not only cute and different but also quite memorable.


Use Paper Boats As Gifts

You can also use paper boats as gifts. Use cardboard or a sturdier piece of paper for the structure of the boat and make sure to create it according to the size you need. A small colorful boat can be given as a gift by filling it with candies or chocolates. Just don’t make it too heavy; otherwise, your boat might collapse. Adding a little nametag to the sail makes it really cute and adorable. Using the boat as a basket to fill with small goodies is also a great idea!


Using the right paper craft techniques, you can make a boat fit for the sailing or simply decorating a room. You can even use it to explore your local stream or creek and have a fun time outdoors in fresh air peacefully.


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