Calligraphy Feather Pen Set With Journal And Wax Seal


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Create beautiful calligraphy with the Calligraphy Feather Pen Set With Journal And Wax Seal. This set includes everything you need to start your calligraphy journey.

The set includes a feather pen, pen holder, wax seal stamp, wax seal stick, journal, empty ink bottle, 5 ink tubes, and a gift box. With these tools, you'll have everything you need to create stunning calligraphy pieces.

  • Express your creativity: With the Calligraphy Feather Pen Set, you can let your creativity flow. The feather pen allows for smooth and precise strokes, giving your calligraphy a professional touch.
  • Complete set: The set not only includes the feather pen, but also a pen holder, wax seal stamp, and wax seal stick. You'll also receive a journal, empty ink bottle, 5 ink tubes, and a beautiful gift box to keep everything organized.

The feather pen in this set has a size of 30cm, and the nib size is 0.5mm. The journal measures 20cm x 12cm x 2cm, providing you with the perfect canvas for your calligraphy creations.

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