Crystalline Glaze Ceramic Glazing Pottery Engobe Glazes


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Unlock a world of creativity with our medium temperature glaze - crystalline glaze. Elevate your pottery projects with this high-quality glaze designed to withstand firing temperatures of 1220 to 1250 degrees Celsius.

Main Features:

  • 500ml bottle of ceramic glaze for ample supply
  • Produces mesmerizing crystalline effects
  • Ideal for pottery, ceramics, sculpting, and model making
  • Perfect for underglazes and clay firing in a kiln


  • Enhances the beauty of your ceramic creations
  • Creates unique and stunning patterns
  • Easy to apply and work with
  • Provides professional results

Use Cases:

Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists, this crystalline glaze is perfect for pottery enthusiasts, ceramic artists, sculptors, and anyone passionate about creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

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