Make a Wreath in Any Style for the Bride-To-Be

Make a Wreath for the Bride-To-Be

With wedding season approaching, you must be thinking about how to make your wedding a blast! 

Well, what's better than a stylish and magnificent wreath? Yes, a wedding wreath! No, it is just for the front door at Christmas. A wreath can also add a personalized touch to your special day.

Be it at the ceremony, on the back of the chairs or the tabletop, a wreath can be used in many ways, and it will only impart an elegant and royal look to your wedding. You can even ask your bridesmaid to walk down the aisle carrying a gorgeous wreath instead of a typical bouquet.  

Whether you are the bride-to-be, or you are a bridesmaid who just wants to make the bride a stunning wreath, this article is for you! Here, we have rendered a few DIY wreaths you can make to make your big day unforgettable.  

  1. Simple Origami Wreath

Well, if you are short on time and cannot arrange some flowers for the wreath, you can still make one with origami sheets. It is easy to make and exudes the same amount of elegance as a flower wreath. 

Whatever your theme, this elegant wedding wreath will surely give your aisle a bit of wow. Also, this wreath has a simple yet vibrant design that reflects the beauty of a wedding season. So, grab your origami and get started.

Materials Needed: 3 rings of heavy card, strips of colored paper, 1m lace of crochet, one paper flower, glue, and scissors. 


  • Paste the rings together. It will establish a base for smooth and firm wrapping of strips around.


  • Use the glue and paste the ends of two strips together as shown in the picture. Take a paper strip in each hand and cross their ends together. Now, put some glue and hold the ends together for a few seconds to bind them together. 


  • Now you need to make a concertina effect using the paper strips. Holding the strip in both of your hands, you need to take the strip of your left hand and fold it over the join in the middle. Repeat the same step with the strip in your second hand.


  • Continue this process until you reach the strip's end. Now add a little glue.


  • Trim the ends in such a way that the folds are of the same width and neat. Follow the same procedure until you have four folded strips.
  • Now, paste the ends of all the strips, so you get a long chain. 
  • Make 8-9 long chains and let the glue set in. It will take nearly 30 minutes to dry the glue. 
  • Now, you need to thread through the rings. But before this, stretch the long chains apart slightly. Now, thread these chains through the rings. 


  • Hold the chain in one hand and take it through the wreath, which is in your other hand. Once you get to the end of the chain, you will notice the end from where you have started. Now, paste both these ends together. 


  • Go over this procedure until you have wrapped all the chain and the rings are covered entirely.  


The last step would be to decorate this beautiful wreath with the crochet ribbon. It will add a sleek look to your wreath. Also, you can paste a paper flower to the center of the bow. Now, the wreath is all set to rock in a wedding ceremony. 

  1. Fresh Floral Wreath

Wreaths are undoubtedly the prettiest decoration for the wedding, and this fresh floral wreath is no different. If you are a fan of colorful blooms, getting hitched in this gorgeous wreath will only make your day extra special.  

Thanks to the simple yet beautiful design, this wreath will not only elevate the décor of your wedding but also add a hint of freshness and serenity to your décor. You can even accentuate this beautiful wreath by adding a JUST MARRIED wooden sign to it. 

Materials Needed: More than 30 greenery clippings, 12" wire wreath frame, flowers, textural springs, foliage, blooms, floral wire, water hats, and wire cutters. 


  • Take three springs and layer them together. If the leaves are big, trim them and put them together with the help of a floral wire. Now, wrap it around the stems. You are required to make several bunches according to the size of the wreath. 
  • Now, you need to put one layer of bunches on another. Make sure the tips of the stems are overlapped in such a way that they are at least halfway up so you can create an even filling. 
  • Now, fasten each bunch with wire form, so that they are arranged in a way that there are no gaps left in between. 
  • Follow the same procedure until all the wreath form is filled. 
  • Now add some textual springs to embellish it. You can attach this by using some floral wire. 
  • If you want your flowers to last, fill water in water hats and insert your blooms. 
  • Now, fasten water hats to the greenery with the help of the floral wire. However, make sure to hide the hats under the greenery. If necessary, use some blooms to hide the gaps. 


Want to impart a romantic touch to your wreath? Add a banner with the name of the couple or attach the monograms using wooden letters. Now, a beautiful and dreamy wreath is ready.      

  1. Flora Head Wreath

Who says you cannot wear a wreath? Well, here is a gorgeous head wreath made with real fresh flowers that is sure to add a vibrant touch to your attire. So, if you are looking for pretty as well as a stunning head wreath for your wedding, make one yourself and steal the show.

Wear this wreath to steal some awe-inspiring gasps from your guests!  

Material Required: Spool of green, thick floral wire, real flowers or assortment faux, scissors and floral tape 


  • Wrap the floral wire around your head and make a circle for the wreath base. Make sure to keep it loose as it will tighten up as you add the flowers.  


  • Make a loop at the back end and leave it loose.
  • Now, start cutting the bottom stems of the flowers. 


  • It's time to wrap the flowers around the wreath circle. Start at the base and make your way towards the center of the front. Make sure to secure your flowers with a thin floral wire. However, the end of the wire should face outwards and not inwards. Keep adding the flowers until you get the desired look. 



  1. Bridal Wreath 

Want attention-grabbing wreath for the bride? Well, here is one for you, which is quite simple to make as well. This floral wreath exudes elegance and royalty, which is sure to add an awe-inspiring look to the bride's gown. 

Whether you want one for the bride or want to make all bridesmaids wear the same wreath, this is what you need. So, let us get into the procedure.  

Materials Needed: Ivy garland, silk, baby's breath, natural touch or preserved flowers, wire wreath form, 1-1/2 yards of sheer ribbon, floral wire, glue gun, wire cutters, and scissors. 


  • Fasten the ivy garland to the front of the wire wreath form with the help of floral wires. Now, take another ivy garland and repeat the same procedure for the back of the wreath form. 
  • Now, cut the baby's breath into several pieces. Use glue to paste it into the ivy garland. 
  • Take all flowers and paste them into the ivy garland. Use floral wire to attach the flowers if you are using real flowers. 


  • Take the ribbon and paste it to the inside of the garland. You are all done!     


So, those were some of the prettiest DIY wedding wreaths that you can create to make the wedding more beautiful. At this wedding, go beyond with your flower arrangements of basic bouquets and centerpieces.

Instead, make a wedding wreath to incorporate some of the gorgeous flowers on your big day. Even if you're on a budget, you don't need to worry since all these wreaths are easily made and require just a little amount of money. 

Whether you want a wreath for your entryway, aisle, or a one for your head, these wreaths will cater to all your needs. You can even decorate your getaway car with these wreaths. So, get some flowers and take your wedding to the next level with these spectacular wreaths. 

But, make sure to get your photographer capture a fantastic picture of your wreath so you can remember it for a lifetime!   


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