32-Inch Professional Manual Tile Cutter - Precise Cutting, Durable Design


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Looking for a reliable and efficient tool to cut your floor tiles with precision? Look no further than our 32 inch tile cutter. This professional manual tile cutter is designed to make your tile cutting tasks effortless and accurate.

With its stable and premium frame made of heavy iron material, this tile cutter ensures durability and sturdiness. The solid I-shaped tack guarantees that the cutter does not deform, while the wide and thick base, non-slip rubber pad, and telescopic stand provide additional stability for larger tiles.

Equipped with a high-precision ruler, this manual tile cutter supports accurate multi-angle cutting, allowing you to perform parallel and angled cuts from 0° to 60°. It can handle all kinds of tiles, making it versatile and suitable for various projects.

Assembling and moving this tile cutter is a breeze. It requires minimal assembly, and the portable design allows you to easily carry it anywhere you need. Whether you are renovating your home or working on a professional construction site, this tile cutter is the perfect choice.

The powerful cutting system of our 32 inch tile cutter incorporates a tungsten carbide cutting wheel for smooth cutting and durability. The deep groove ball bearings used in this tile cutter ensure perfect sliding, providing you with precise and clean cuts every time.

Featuring a high precision professional quality design, this manual ceramic tile cutting machine has a maximum cutting length of 32 inches. It can easily handle large tiles, and the 2 adjustable side brackets keep the tiles stable and prevent any shaking.

Our 32 inch tile cutter also includes a precision ruler for accurate and even measurements when cutting tiles. You can rely on its fine measurements to ensure that every piece of tile fits perfectly.

This tile cutter is not only easy to use, but also easy to fold, store, and transport. Its independent telescopic platform device eliminates the need for electricity, saving you time and effort during your projects.

With its high-quality knife wheel made of tungsten carbide, this tile cutter ensures cutting speed, sharpness, and cleanliness. The removable scale included allows for both parallel and angular cutting (0°-60°), giving you the flexibility to achieve precision cutting.

The considerate design of this tile cutter includes an anti-skid rubber handle that provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The lift handle helps you move the cutter with ease, making it convenient and user-friendly.


  • Max cutting length: 32 Inches
  • Material: Heavy iron

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