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Introduce your little ones to the joy of creativity with this DIY Fridge Magnet Kit. Perfect for kids' crafts and a delightful gift idea, this plaster painting set lets children unleash their imagination while creating personalized refrigerator magnets.

The kit includes everything needed to get started on this fun and engaging project. Inside, you'll find plaster molds in various shapes, vibrant paint colors, paintbrushes, and easy-to-follow instructions. The process is simple and enjoyable, making it suitable for children of all skill levels.

Let your child's artistic abilities shine as they paint and decorate the plaster molds. From cute animals to playful shapes, the variety of molds allows for endless possibilities. Whether they want to create a magnet with their favorite animal or a unique design that represents their personality, this kit offers the freedom to express their creativity.

Once the plaster molds are painted and dried, the magnets can be easily attached to the back, transforming them into functional and personalized fridge magnets. These adorable creations will add a touch of charm to any kitchen, serving as a constant reminder of your child's artistic achievement.

Give your child the gift of creativity with this delightful DIY Fridge Magnet Kit. Watch as their imagination takes flight and their artistic talents blossom with every brushstroke.

-Magnet bar*1
-Mixing spoon *1
-Plaster powder *2
-Plastic scraper*1
-Instruction book*1
-Color mixing tray *1

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