Height Adjustable Study Desk and Chair Set with Tilted Desktop - Pull Out Drawer - Metal and Plastic - 25.6x18.5x23.6-29 inches - Pink/Blue


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Welcome to the world of creativity and productivity with our Height Adjustable Study Desk and Chair Set with Tilted Desktop. Designed with the vibrant colors of Pink and Blue, this set not only enhances your child's workspace but also adds a touch of fun to their learning environment.

With adjustable height settings, this study desk and chair set can easily accommodate your growing child's needs. By finding the perfect height, it helps maintain a proper sitting position, promoting better posture and comfort during study sessions.

The tilted desktop feature adds versatility to the set. It can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees, allowing your child to write, read, draw, and work comfortably at different angles. This flexibility promotes creativity and improves focus by adapting to your child's preferred working style.

Safety and durability are our top priorities. The desk features a high-quality MDF desktop that is both environmentally friendly and safe for your child to use. The sturdy steel frame construction ensures excellent stability, durability, and a safe load-bearing capacity.

Our desk and chair set also includes a convenient pull-out drawer for easy storage of stationery items such as notebooks, pens, paper, and utensils. Additionally, a side hook is provided to hang your child's school bag, encouraging a neat and organized workspace.

This set makes the perfect gift for children, as it grows with them. Its versatile and stylish design will keep your child engaged and motivated while studying. Whether it's for homework, art projects, or creative play, our desk and chair set is an excellent addition to any child's room.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height for growing children
  • Tilted desktop for various working angles


  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 25.6x18.5x23.6-29 inches
  • Chair Height: 14.17-16.5 inches
  • Cushion Dimensions: 13x15 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 16kg (35.2 pounds)
  • Package Dimensions: 30x21.3x7.48 inches
  • Color: Pink, Blue

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and creativity with our Height Adjustable Study Desk and Chair Set with Tilted Desktop. Order now and let your child's imagination soar!

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